Merry Christmas!

The shepherds come forth with shining faces The magi, hearts full of treasure, approach the shed And behold, lying in the manger bed A precious babe from Glory Land. Merry Christmas, y’all! The above are just a couple lines that popped into my mind while writing this post. Thought I’d share them. They’re simple, but […]

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The Blogmas Tag!

Hey guys! Merry almost-Christmas! I know I said I wouldn’t be posting this week with the exception of Friday, but the lovely Addie from Shining Star nominated me for the Blogmas Tag. So a BIG thanks to you, Addie! I just can’t say no to a fun challenge! Besides, I do have to admit that […]

Five Reasons to Love...

Five Reasons to Love St. Paul!

Hey guys! You might be wondering why I’m posting on Saturday. I wanted to post this now, because this week I may not be posting anything with the exception of Friday, when I will have a Christmas post out for you guys! I probably won’t be posting this week except Friday because tomorrow I am […]

Book Reviews

Five AMAZING Book Recommendations – All the Tales You Must Read RIGHT NOW!

Hey guys! Happy Thursday! I hope everyone is doing great. I’m gonna be honest, this has been a rather stressful finals week before Christmas break. If any of y’all are doing finals or about to do them, I send many prayers your way! *crossing fingers Anyways, I thought sharing my favorite books with you guys […]

Writing Tips

My Method: Create Empathy for Your Antagonists

Hey, guys! Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone is doing awesome, and all your characters, too (or maybe they’re not enjoying themselves right now, LOL). *Anybody else think I say LOL waaaay too much?* Anyway, I decided to do another “writing tips” post. My last one was about symbolism in your novel – so if you […]

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What’s up y’all!? How’s everyone doing? How’s your writing going? If you couldn’t already tell, I am SO excited! I’m SUPER pumped for this post. We’re going to be talking about SYMBOLISM in your novel. But first, I have a super, SUPER exciting announcement! (Okay Joy, it’s time to chill…) But how can one chill […]

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Know the Novel – Part Three – It is Written

Hey y’all! Welcome back to the blog. Today I’m doing Part Three of Christine Smith’s Know the Novel challenge. This looked like soooo much fun, and so many writers are doing it, so why not? If you want to participate, go to Christine’s awesome blog HERE: Hooray! It’s an excuse to go on and […]

The Christ Life

Five Awesome Bible Verses from St. Paul!

Hey guys, it’s Joy! Welcome to my blog. I’m so excited you’re here! I’m a bit new to all this website stuff, so please bear with me as I figure everything out. I’m not even really sure how to write a blog post, LOL. So I’m thankful – like a-trillion-times-over thankful – if you’re reading […]